About Us

At Neyland Design we have been creating contemporary, high style, fresh textile designs for over twenty years. Our focus for the last ten has been N-finity Designs; a design technique that allows several patterns to be made from a single design square, and also for one design to be overlaid atop another to create a completely new design. This allows us to offer the most original surface designs you will find anywhere.

The Magic of N-finity Designs

All designs created from one square automatically coordinate with each other; after all, they are essentially the same design. Coordinating several Throw Pillows, a Sports Bra and Leggings, Beach Tote and Beach Towel, and pretty much any apparel ensembles and decor items you can imagine, is a snap with our N-finity patterns. Check out the Raven Throw Pillow collection to see how N-finity Designs work.

We are creating new designs constantly; whether from visual inspiration, or from fabulous REM sleep episodes . . . . they're sorta my personal favorites.

You will find something you love at Neyland Design! If you don't, but we came real close to grabbing you, then drop us a note and let us know how we could make our products more appealing, and, of course something that YOU would want to purchase.

To see how N-finity Designs have been applied to Encaustic Cement Tiles, please check out our collection at https://www.villalagoontile.com/stu-neyland-tile-collection.html

Thanks for shopping with us, and PLEASE drop in often for ever newer and ever more stylish designs.

Stu Neyland - DesignerRenee Huhmann Brobst - Designer
Stu Neyland and Renee Brobst